Theology Books Worth Reading & Rereading

I sent out to this tweet a few weeks ago...

I got great responses. A number of folks asked me to compile a list of all the responses. Here they are as one long list in the order they were received. I added a "*" for every extra mention. If you don't like something on the list, don't blame me. It's not my list. :) I will start, though, with my list which I didn't give on Twitter. Thanks to all who responded.

ALSO, I tried to offer links to WTS, Amazon, & Kindle. Buying by clicking the links though Amazon and WTS cost you nothing extra, but it helps me a lot as I need to buy my books as a pastor through these two companies. Appreciate it, if you are buying anyway, if you would consider using my links. Always a blessing. 

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My list...

Twitter responses...

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