My Blog & Resisting Gossip

Back in December I got this email from Matt Mitchell. His name wasn't familiar to me and I didn't remember the details of his story very well. But this is pretty cool...

I've been an on-again-off-again reader of your blog for a long time (and I follow you now on Twitter).

Today, via Google, I (re)discovered this (long forgotten) post of yours.

And I found myself commenting on it about half way down the page:

Anyone know a good book about gossip? It would be great to read a biblical, systematic, yet practical treatment of this very common sin. I sometimes find myself in similar situations to Steve in this post or have to give counsel to those who are, and I often feel at a loss to know how to evaluate the complexities of this area.

If no book exists, it seems like this would fill a big need in the church.

And then you reply to me, and I say:

What? Do my own Bible study on gossip? How "Old School!"

Okay, I'll do it. And then maybe I'll write the book and go on the Christian-lecture-circuit. =D

What's funny, is that even though I didn't remember this back-and-forth, eventually I actually did the study and write the book! :-)  (My earliest memory of the idea of studying this topic was August of 2008, more than two years after this exchange.)

The reason I decided to write you was not only to relay the funny story, but also to thank you for the blog, for your graciousness, and for inciting me in the first place to take up this study!


-Matt Mitchell

How cool is that? Matt is more than kind in saying that I incited him toward writing a book, but it's a neat story nonetheless.

Not only is that cool, Resisting Gossip is available this week only for 50% off. A great deal. Need more incentive? Forward is by Ed Welch... 

"Isn't it amazing that most of us have never read a clear, pastoral and practical book on what Scripture says about gossip? Well, here it is. Matt will guide you through this topic in such a way that you will be convicted–I certainly was. But he will do more than that. He will give you ideas about how you can spread good news about others in such a way that the church will be more united and God will be honored.”

Thankful that Matt recalled this great backstory and shared it with us. Now go grab Resisting Gossip!