Music Monday 1.13.14

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The GloamingThe Gloaming | These guys were not on my radar until today. It's a supergroup of sorts with three Irishmen and two Americans. It has a singer, two fiddles, a piano and a guitar. PLEASE try this one and give it a few songs.

Damien Jurado: Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son | Really digging this one. Still another week before release. Too long.

Warpaint: Warpaint | Listened to a few songs this morning and really liked what I heard. Will be listening more.

Find other new albums streaming free at First Listen, Pitchfork Advance.

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Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack ($5.99) -- Playing this one a lot right now. After seeing the movie on Saturday, it will get more play. Would love your take on the movie if you've seen it. You will enjoy this album whether you've seen the movie or not.

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