Studly Stylus for My Best Buddy

UPDATE 4.3.13: I paid full price, but you can get 10% off by using this link! Get it.


I get to spend some time with my buddy, Joe Thorn, today. I'm giving him the Maglus Stylus so we can match. Matching is very manly. It's hardly going to make up for him organizing to get me a MacBook Pro & iPad, but should make his life a little better.

I've been using it for a few days and love it. If you are in the market for a stylus, you can go from very cheap to very expensive with various results. I have a couple of cheaper ones around for when I can't find anything else, but this is the one I want with me. Check out the reviews of the Maglus along with a bunch of others at The Verge. Really helpful videos are what sold me on this one.