Illustrated Puritans

Bruised coverOne of the things I love to see is when someone takes good, old books and repackages them for a new audience. We have the blessing of having so much Puritan literature in print, accessible to many. I'm excited about a new approach to publishing Puritan works: Illustrated Puritans. 

The first to be published is The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes. From the publisher...

Each of these classic works features dozens of original illustrations which both complement and elevate the text. In addition, the Illustrated Puritan series provides the reader with everything needed for deep, fluid study, from wide margins, to language helps, to in-line footnotes for each scripture referenced.

One of the issues that comes up when reading the Puritans is a bit of a language barrier. It's fairly small, but still can be a turn-off. These new books explain when meanings aren't clear through clarifying in footnotes. And the illustrations fit. These aren't meant to be slick, but gritty and real. While they are done well, there's an "everyman" quality to it. As you read, the illustrations draw you in but don't overwhelm. The art points to the words rather than focusing on the art itself. It's a hard thing to do, but done well here.

Bruised Inside

I hope this new generation of Illustrated Puritans books will be picked up and read by a new generation of disciple, enriched by gospel-centered writings from great writers and preachers of our past. Go buy yourself a copy.