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Westminster Bookstore

I'm now linking most books through Westminster Theological Seminary Bookstore as I've become a "blog partner." I've been buying books there for a couple of years and it's an outstanding store, often cheaper than Amazon.

If you don't buy your Christian books at, I strongly encourage it. My experience has been that shipping is cheap and fast. Click through the permanent banner on my sidebar or on the picture in this post and it will help me buy books for my ministry since I don't have a book budget at my church. By the way, this program works through the number of "click throughs" I get, so click away and buy some great books!

A few Reformissionary Recommendations to get you started...

  • Note To Self by Joe Thorn (pre-order | cheaper than Amazon)
  • Love Walked Among Us by Paul Miller (cheaper than Amazon, one of the best books I've read)
  • Think by John Piper ($5 for hardcover | $4+ cheaper than Amazon's paperback)