Support Reformissionary

After Governor Quinn signed a new tax law, Amazon has terminated all Illinois Associates. Many of my links go through Amazon. It costs you nothing extra, and it supports my me and my family by helping me buy books (I have no book budget at my church), music, and recently my Kindle. Starting April 15th, this revenue ends.

So if anyone can support Refomissionary by clicking through an Amazon link when you need to buy something, it would be greatly appreciated. I very much appreciate how many of you have supported me this way in the past. Some have even emailed me asking for direct links for books and other products so that they could buy what they need and I could bring in a little money. If you are interested in that: pastorsteve [at] gmail [dot] com.

Again, it's at no extra cost to you. It's the same price. But if you click through one of my links over the next month or so, you'll support Reformissionary. Thanks so much for whatever support you can provide. Click on the banner below to buy something! Thanks for anything you can do.