Molly Update 12.17.10

Dsc_00342_2It's taken a bit but we've finally found out about Molly's MRI. Here's an update on Molly & Chiari.

A. MRI read by her surgeon and it looks great. No problems. Thanks be to God that means not even a hint of need for or thought of surgery.

B. Molly's symptoms have progressively, though slowly, begun to normalize. Her physical symptoms were so bad at one point she had to break out her cane again. You probably wouldn't even notice anything if you saw her today. Mostly normal. Mentally there are still some issues. Brain fog, a bit of forgetfulness, lacking some focus at times. But those are better than before too.

C. Now, we are just hoping the symptoms stay away. We've asked the doctor about other things that may have triggered symptoms. A knock to the head or whiplash or falling or any number of smaller things can bring on symptoms. We believe what probably triggered Molly's are times of intense (even if brief) stress. Even getting startled can do it. I now try to make some noise when I enter a room where she is, because she can be easily startled and that can mess things up.

So yeah, I pretty much have lost all the fun of sneaking up behind Molly and having her scream in fear. That's no fun! :)

Thanks so much for your prayers. In many ways they have been answered. To God be the glory. 

Steve for Molly & the family