Music Monday 11.22.10

I'm guessing no one would think I'd talk about Robyn's music. I don't own any of it, though her album, Body Talk, is only $3.99 today (Pitchfork 8.5/10). But I've seen her live performance of "Dancing On My Own" several times now and just love it. It's what pop music can be at its best. It has to be easy. Nothing complicated. And it hits some emotion or feeling. She puts you in a relationship scenario: She hears her old boyfriend has a new girlfriend and she needs to see for herself. So she goes to the club and is dancing and watching them together, wondering why he doesn't notice her. It's energy. It's pain and loneliness, but it's strength and healing. Don't just listen, watch. It's a great performance unlike much in the world of pop music. 

I found Eisley a long time ago. Their music is a joy, full of striking melodies and harmonies. It's at times soothing, yet often haunting. They recently played at my favorite venue in Milwaukee and I came across this video. Check out "Telescope Eyes" from Room Noises.