Music Monday 7.5.10

Tokyo Police Club: Champ is a thoroughly enjoyable album. Solid fun. Here they are on Letterman with "Wait Up"...

CAUTION: If you can't handle songs with four letter words, move along. If you can, you need to watch Titus Andronicus with "Four Score and Seven." This sucker is long, starts with a whimper and eventually rocks out. It's from their great album, The Monitor. Follow along with the lyrics. Excerpt...

Because these humans treat humans like humans treat hogs,
They get used up, carved up, and fried in a pan.
But I wasn’t born to die like a dog, I was born to die just like a man.
I was born to die just like a man!

It’s still us against them, and they’re winning.

Yeah, I know. You read to the end to see if there's another helping of Avett Brothers. There is. Shhh shh shh. No need to say it. I love you too. And this wonderful song is just for you - "Ten Thousand Words" from the album I and Love and You.