Tim Keller on Creation & Creativity

Tim Keller "Creation & Creativity" Clip from Redeemer Video on Vimeo.

"God was an entrepreneur. He brought something out of nothing. He brought order out of chaos. And why did He do it? He did it, not because He had to, He did it because He wanted to. He did it for the joy of doing it. Creativity, it was just a joy to do. It wasn't a means to an end. It was the end itself. And this, I think, is important because we're made in His image. And therefore you don't really need a reason to create or to start something new. You don't really need a reason. Because...there's a sense in which God did not have to do it. He did it for the joy of doing it. And when you and I know we're made in the image of God it shouldn't surprise us that for a lot of us, especially those who are gifted in this particular area, we do it because we're just reflecting our Creator."