Poetry Is Good For You

Npm_2010_poster_540 As National Poetry Month (NPM) begins today here's what you'll find at Reformissionary. 

I hope to get up a new poem every day. May miss a few, but will make an effort.

I hope to help you find some new voices in poetry and music (the most popular poetic medium of our day). I like to find new poets: whether they are young or old poets, alive or dead poets. Let me know if you have a poet that should be on my radar.

I'll try to get up videos of poets reading their poems or talking about the value and art of poetry. 

I also help to find an essay or two on writing poetry and/or enjoying poetry.

Maybe I'll find something new and unexpected to post. Maybe I'll write a poem or two. Maybe I interview the greatest poet ever, whoever that is.

Take in at least a little poetry this NPM. Poetry is good for you. As a communicator I realize poetry can teach us conciseness in language, new angles in seeing the world and our experience of he world, a richness of description, etc. As a human I realize poetry makes me slow down and sip rather than gulp like I do most things. Information consumption has found a corrective in the slow ingestion of poetry, meditation on words and forms.