Music Monday 4.12.10


Review of Melanie Penn: Wake Up Love coming this week. Our whole family is really enjoying it. Christianity Today digs it. Watch her sing "Ordinary Day" below. I've provided some of the lyrics.

It's me when you catch the fragrance of spring
When tall trees sway
It's me in the cold winter sting
In the alleyway
I am the sigh
While all creation groans and waits

You can hear me speak
If you're listenin'
I will always be
And I have always been
You can hear me blowin'
Although you don't know
Where I'm comin' from
Or where I go

Doug Burr is a new name for me, and that's a shame because his music is outstanding. His new song "Red, Red" can be downloaded free. Here's "Should've Known"...