Music Monday 3.8.10


The Avett Brothers/The Low Anthem concert on Saturday night at The Riverside in Milwaukee was an outstanding show. Molly and I were front row, pressed up against the stage. Yeah, we are old and it really hurt to stand that long. Yeah, we were next to 19 year old girls on both sides. Yeah, we were also right next to a very, very drunk guy who was slamming PBR's, leaning on people and asking the girl next to us "Why don't you think I'm hot?" Yeah, we would absolutely do it again. Best concert we've ever seen. Go buy all their albums. They are all great.

Here's just a little clip of the end of one song. I might have a full song for you at some point...

Avett Brothers - Because We Had To from Steve McCoy on Vimeo.

Vampire Weekend on Saturday Night Live with "Cousins." Always fun, these fellas. Their album, Contra, still only $7.99.

Joanna Newsom playing "Soft as Chalk" on Fallon. Uniqueness. And go download her wonderful 3 CD album Have One On Me. By the way, her previous album Ys is phenomenal as well.