Music Monday 2.15.09

Mixtape(Mixtape via Joe Thorn) 

Hear Local Natives: Gorilla Manor, in full at NPR. I like it so far. Gorilla Manor will be released tomorrow. You can also hear a live session of Jonsi's solo stuff (dude from Sigur Ros). 

Frontier Ruckus has a new, free Daytrotter session up. 

Rachael Maddux (@rachaelmaddux), associate editor at Paste, thinks Mumford & Sons are creepy (you know, in a good way). Me too. The U.S. release of their first LP, Sign No More, is tomorrow. Woohoo, and Bout Time, and Go get it, etc!

The Antlers: Hospice is my favorite album of 2009. The video for "Bear" helps to bring the wonderfully depressing message into the visual sphere. Warning: there is an explicit word used. Not for kids.

Eluvium creates ambient music. Other people create urban developments and architecture. Eluvium creates ambient music videos set to urban developments and architecture. (viaEluvium: Similes is available on the 23rd. Their excellent 2007 album, Copia, is only $5 right now.