Lots-o-Links 2.17.10

A Beautiful Idea: Artists Changing the World is a beautiful idea

Bill Streger: What is Ash Wednesday?

Dave Kraft: What Makes a Leader? --> See the vision

A leader is, first and foremost, somebody with followers. If nobody is following, you are not leading, no matter what outstanding leadership qualities you might possess. Many years ago, my daughter, Anna, had a sign on her bike that read: "Lead, follow, or get out of my way," and the way she rode that bike, I believe she meant it. People are more than willing to follow someone who knows where they are going.

John Piper: How I almost quit

The church is looking for a vision for the future—and I do not have it. The one vision that the staff zeroed in on during our retreat Monday and Tuesday of this week (namely, building a sanctuary) is so unattractive to me today that I do not see how I could provide the leadership and inspiration for it.

Joel Virgo: Prevailing Prayer

Arthur Wallis once said, “A move of God will last as long as the Spirit of prayer that inspired it.” You can tell when this happens. It’s when prayer is used as a last resort, as a spare wheel, but it’s meant to be the steering wheel.

Bob Thune: Outline of John Owen's Mortification of Sin

Rob Bell at Out of Ur on the dangers of video preaching

Video is not church. You put images and music on a screen, and people will listen. But it's also dangerous. You're playing with fire. I think video technology deserves to be scrutinized heavily.