YouVersion = 1 Billion Minutes

Youversion  In the email today...

Way to go, YouVersion users! Together, you've spent one billion minutes reading the Bible on your mobile device. It's pretty exciting to see so many of you reading God's word consistently because you always have your Bible with you. That’s an awesome way to make your minutes count!

While you're on the go you've been using YouVersion on iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones, reading the Bible in your choice of 41 translations and 21 languages.

We're polishing up some great new features we can't wait to share with you soon. (Like reading plans? You'll love what's coming!)

For now, how about taking a minute to celebrate with us

I've been on YouVersion for a while on my Palm phone, but haven't used it much. I just got a new Android phone and put YouVersion on there. I tried it out for a while yesterday and really liked it. Now I realize, because I was on YouVersion yesterday and I received this email today, that I may be responsible for taking YouVersion to the 1 billion minute threshold!

Ok, probably not. But it is a nice Bible app and I will use it regularly on my Droid. Check out YouVersion for your mobile phone &