Lots-o-Links 11.12.09

Creation Project: Resources for Biblical Womanhood, Resources for Biblical Manhood -- also Thinking Well About Your City

Mark Driscoll: Organizing a Silence and Solitude Day, Part 1 (4 more coming)

  1. Bad review of Deep Church from Greg Gilbert/9 Marks 
  2. Good response by Deep Church author, Jim Belcher 
  3. Helpful thoughts from Brent Thomas

Rethink Mission: Books Every Church Planter Needs to Read

I connected at the Acts 29 Boot Camp in Louisville with a guy I met a years ago at Capitol Hill BC in DC, Brad Byrd. I stayed at his house when visiting CHBC. He gave me a copy of The Gospel-Centred Church workbook by Steve Timmis and Tim Chester from the press he works for, The Good Book Company. Hope to review it soon. I should also be getting The Gospel-Centred Life soon for review. Find The Good Book Company on Facebook & Twitter. Glad to connect again Brad!