Music Monday 10.5.09

Good, cheap music... 

White Rabbits: It's Frightening for $5
Avett Brothers: Emotionalism for $5
Josh Garrels: Over Oceans for $6.99

Stream the entire new Brandi Carlile album, Give Up the Ghost before the release tomorrow. It. Is. Outstanding. So then you should go buy it tomorrow. Brandi is one of our family's favorite singer/songwriters. Also out tomorrow is the new Built to Spill album, There Is No Enemy.

Thom Yorke doing a live, acoustic version of "Reckoner." Very cool. "Because we separate like ripples on a blank shore//In rainbows." At the end, Thom gives you his thoughts on economics. :)

I recently posted the REN3W Campaign video from Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC (which seems to be missing at the moment). I love the video, and this song is at the center. Here's Carla Bruni (yes, that Carla Bruni) with "Quelqu'un m'a dit"...