Lots-o-Links 9.16.09

Brief Molly Update: Molly has no issues on her new MRI/xrays according to her surgeon. So no surgery at this point. Symptoms will be treated medicinally, but it's a guessing game as to what to try and we aren't sure if the medicines will help. I should add that her symptoms, generally speaking, have improved a bit on their own over the last 6-8 days. We are very thankful things aren't continuing to get worse, and that no surgery is needed. But living with sypmtoms may be a permanent thing. Thanks for your prayers. I'll let you know if anything changes.

I hope in the next day or two to finally review Fight Clubs by Jonathan Dodson. I've been putting it off, and I've been rethinking some small group stuff in my own church and was doing some processing. If you haven't read this great gospel-centered book (55 pages) you can download it free and/or buy it at Resurgence.

Hopefully you are becoming very familiar with the great new missional resource, Rethink Mission, from Jonathan McIntosh. Check out his roundtable discussion on Leading from the Second Chair.

Stream the album from Volcano Choir: Unmap (including Justin Vernon, the voice of Bon Iver). It's really good. Also worth checking out is the Monsters of Folk album, streaming in full.

Always thankful when people write about how to help your pastor. A series of posts at Resurgence: Healthy Pastors.