Music Monday: Review of One 7.27.09

41fw+J5gBWL._SL500_AA280_ I've been asked to review Austin City Life Church's new EP, One (download, listen at MySpace)

This is the first time I've heard any music from Jonathan Dodson's Austin City Life Church. I know Jonathan as an Acts 29 planter and blogger (Creation Project & Church Planting Novice). I was offered this new EP for review and was happy to help out a friend. I'm always weary of helping out friends because it's hard to be critical (if need be). Add to that, as most of my regular readers know, I'm not a fan of most Christian music, and I'm not usually very excited about new worship music. I'm happy to say I can heartily recommend this EP.

I'm always afraid early EP's by churches will be low quality. This is an outstanding, quality recording with great voices. I'm already thinking about how quickly we can get them into our worship times at Doxa. A great opener, "In Your Name," got me hooked with this chorus, encouraging us to respond to our time of worship with missional action...

And oh that this city would know your love!
And oh that this city would feel your touch!
And oh ...that this city would live with Hope---!

Give us hands to touch
Give us hearts of love!

And then the song builds and soars with these words...

We love because you loved
We pray because you prayed
We give because you gave
We live for your fame
We hope because you save
We believe in your name

"Community Song" is a community both crying out for healing and felling compelled into mission...

we’re a community of the broken, your love is changing us, your love is here
the love of Christ can heal the broken, bring us together and wipe away our tears

we’re a community of the forgiven, the past is gone and today is here
the love of Christ can offer forgiveness, heal our hearts and redeem our wasted years

hallelujah God is with us
hallelujah grace is here

we’re a community who wants to love you, love our neighbors, let your love shine
the love of Christ can change this city if it can change a broken heart like mine

Another original songs is "Fullness of God"...

We were once far away
From the reality of grace
We were sinners estranged from our Father
But in love you came
To take away our shame
To present us as clean sons and daughters

In you all the fullness of God
Was pleased to dwell forever
Through you we are reconciled
By the blood of your cross

So we sing to the name above all
The name of Jesus
The name by which we are saved
So we sing to the King above all
King Jesus
You are worthy of all praise
So we sing to you, Jesus

The EP is rounded out with three historic/updated songs, "What Wondrous Love Is This," "Lord Have Mercy," and "How Great Thou Art." All are very appealing arrangements with already great lyrics.

I'm very impressed with One. This is good stuff folks. I'd say I've already listened to it at least 20 times, and I just don't normally get into worship music like this. Go download it right now.