Lots-o-Links 6.2.09

Molly profile pic Brief Molly Update: All is very well with Molly and her Chiari issues. Sleeping is pretty much completely normal. She is taking no meds, works out regularly, volunteers in the schools, etc. Life is pretty much back to normal. We are so thankful to God for His mercy and her health. For a while we thought there may be no more days like this. 

John Piper: The Pastor as Scholar

Resurgence: Re:Train (Resurgence Training Center) launches & Re:Sound (Resurgence Music) launching soon. Re:Bound (Resurgence Basketball Association, also known as The RBA) and Re:Lative (Resurgence Genealogy Project) still in the works.

John Frame: Questions to Ask a Film

Daniel Block: Gideon's Fleece

Jonathan Dodson: Confessions of a Failing Disciple

SBTS Towers: 3 Questions with Tim Keller

Art of Manliness: The Art of Summer Grilling