Music Monday 5.4.09

Music Want some free music?  Sure, no problem.  Here are a few great Daytrotter Sessions (3-5 songs each) from some great artists/bands: The Hold Steady, DM Stith, and Jessica Lea Mayfield. A list of all the free, downloadable Daytrotter Sessions. If you don't know about Daytrotter you will be shocked at all the goodness, so go get some!

We have to pay for most of our music, but we can rejoice that Amazon makes it easier to pay less. Here's a bunch of great albums to download for only $5 each. There are more at $5 than the ones listed here, but these are by far the best. I grabbed some, so should you.

Enjoy a couple of great new tracks from a collaboration between Burial and Four Tet. Stream them here. If you don't know Burial, the album Untrue is amazing.

DM Stith: "French film maker, Armel Hostiou, took this fragment of a pop song [Stith's "BMB"] and turned it into a deep, venomous, cavernous trip, like Lynch on downers, or Bergman on speed."  "BMB" is from Stith's very creative and dark Heavy Ghost, which is well worth owning. Love this video...

DM Stith - BMB from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.

Bell Orchestre likes lightning, and I like their song "Stripes" (from As Seen Through Windows)...