Music Monday 5.18.09

3542324991_2b9c19ee93 We caught a great concert last night in DeKalb with Sam Lowry, Frontier Ruckus, and headlining William Elliot Whitmore. Sam Lowry was not my style. William Elliot Whitmore was really great. But Frontier Ruckus was the real star of the evening for me.

I had never heard of Frontier Ruckus (MySpace, Wikipedia) before, and I didn't make any effort to know the bands who were playing before Whitmore. But the minute they took the stage, even before they started their first song, I was excited. It was because I saw a trumpet, a musical saw and a banjo.  Add to that an acoustic guitar, bass, and drums and you get a rockin' out performance from a young, talented band.  After viewing some online videos it appears they were without Anna Burch last night on harmony vocals. 

3543130990_3ec8c099d4 As I'm writing this I'm listening to their album, The Orion Songbook (download, CD).  Sometimes hearing a good live band before hearing their CD leads to a letdown. But I'm really enjoying this one.

So I want to introduce you to Frontier Ruckus. Enjoy a few videos...