Music Monday 4.13.09


Brandi Carlile (MySpace) put on a wonderful concert on Thursday.  I attended with my gorgeous wife, who is a fine concert companion.  The Pabst Theater in Milwaukee was in good form, as expected.  I wish I could post a video to every song in Brandi's 2 hour set.  She played lots of stuff from her two albums, a few covers (like Let It Be, Folsom Prison Blues and more), and about 5 new songs.  One of her new songs, "That Year," was a highlight and I want to share it with you. The video (not mine) is actually from the Milwaukee concert, too. By the way, if you are a Baptist, like me, you will want to pay attention to her comments about being an "extreme Baptist." Always helpful to hear how the world talks about us. When she said "extreme Baptist" I almost went "Woohoo!" and then realized it was meant in a less than positive way. :)

A few bits and pieces. Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene has written and directed a 15 minute film for Feist's haunting "The Water." It's creepy and well worth 15 minutes of your time.  It stars Leslie Feist, Cillian Murphy, and David Fox. Check this interview with DM Stith. His album, Heavy Ghost, is a great 2009 piece of art. The third installment of Manchester Orchestra's "musical journey in eleven acts" leading up to the release of their new album, Mean Everything to Nothing (iTunes pre-order for $7.99), is available for viewing at MySpace. The video is for the song "I've Got Friends," and the song is available for free download.