The Curator & Fujimura Interview

The Curator is a new (fall of '08) website of the International Arts Movement (IAM).  I think IAM is great and this website should gain a large audience.

The Curator launched on August 29, 2008 as a web publication of International Arts Movement(IAM), which announces the signs of a “world that ought to be” as we find it in our midst, and seeks to inspire people to engage deeply with culture that enriches life and broadens experience.

In keeping with IAM’s belief that artistic excellence, as a model of “what ought to be”, paves the way for lasting, enduring humanity, The Curator seeks to encourage, promote, and uncover those artifacts of culture – those things which humans create - that inspire and embody truth, goodness, and beauty.

The founder of IAM, Makoto Fujimura, is interviewed (part 1, part 2) at The High Calling.