Music Monday 2.9.09

I know why you are here. You watched The Grammys and need some real music now. I'm here for you. But first, a diamond in the rough. Radiohead and the USC marching band was awesome...

Antony and the Johnsons new album, The Crying Light, is stunning. Antony sounds different than most anyone you've ever heard. But it engulfs you. It's a rare beauty. You must check it out. (Download is $8.99, CD is $10.99). Here's a video that really is just the song with the title. But I want you to hear this song.

I was born, A curling fox in a hole
Hiding from danger, Scared to be alone

One dove, To bring me some peace
In starlight you came from the other side, To offer me mercy

I've recently been introduced to the music of The Deep Dark Woods. Their album, Winter Hours, comes out in 8 days. Sample them on MySpace. And watch this video, if you don't mind seeing men in long underwear...

The last video is not about the music for me. But the video is very cool. Don't skip it!