Molly Update 1.20.2009

3180641996_0fa3e5e14fIt's been a while since I gave you a full update of how Molly is doing.  If you don't know, my wife was diagnosed in 2007 with Chiari I Malformation. You can catch up here.

This is as good as Molly has felt since surgery in September of 2008.  It seems that the neurologist's effort to get Molly sleeping has worked wonders. 

Molly is taking medication every night just before bed and she is sleeping much better.  The neurologist thinks that the very difficult post-op problems and the rounds of steroids she took got her inner sleep clock way off.  He also says she likely has "brain damage" both from the surgeries (as with any surgery) as well as from the scar tissue that forms from exposing the brain and other tissues to the outside world.  She's in bed every night at right about 9pm and up at 6am or so. Over the past few weeks there is a marked difference in how good she feels, which is obvious to me as well.

Mol's balance issues are still there a bit, but not too bad.  She hasn't used a cane for many weeks now.  She is able to go to the gym and do low-impact stuff.  She also uses the treadmill at the house. The neurologist doesn't want her running, though she really wants to.  She does power-walking.  She has also just started using a Wii Fit, which is pretty cool.  It's really helpful for her with balance issues as well as other exercise.

The brain issues, including finishing her thoughts and doing more complicated mental calculations and similar stuff is still obviously there.  She is playing Brain Age daily on the Nintendo DS Lite that I got her for Christmas, as the doc recommended.  She is also, almost daily, playing some games (like Mancala) that require her to use fine motor skills.  Her ability to do simple things, like pick up a penny, has been finally improving.

All-in-all, Molly has been greatly improving and now has a bunch of energy and motivation.  We really want to thank everyone who has been praying for her recovery.

We are still looking to a second opinion in February, if that appointment works out. It may be pushed back.  That's the next step, and it will determine the steps after that.