Lots-o-Links 1.21.09

Kent Shaffer over at Church Relevance has determined that Reformissionary is the #27 church blog in the world.  Some good blogs on the list, and I'm honored to be there.  It's the best system of measurement I've seen for judging the popularity of a blog. Impressive, Kent.

I've started a new church blog (Doxa Blog),though I don't know exactly the role it will play yet. Working on it.  I have the domain doxablog.com, but right now it's only masking the link to this blog and it's a headache.  Also working on a Facebook group for Doxa. 

My new article: When Doctors Are Stumped

Joe Thorn is blogging again

Two talks on Questioning Evangelism

Paste Magazine anticipates 29 movies in 2009

Scot McKnight says some nice words about my photography, which I have long neglected

5 Reasons Why Consensus Sucks...true