Molly Update: Neurologist Appointment

Just got home from Molly's appointment with her neurologist.  She hasn't seen him since June of '07, which was soon after her symptoms from Chiari I Malformation first showed up.  So since then Molly has had one surgery with the elimination of all symptoms and another surgery which at this point hasn't helped.  The doctor has thrown 4 things at us...

1. To help with her "jolting" issue, which he thinks may be like mini-seizures, she is getting medication.  We'll see if it helps.

2. Molly is now taking a vitamin to help with thinking/memory issues byexpanding blood vessels in her brain.  I may swipe some of that for myself. :) I can't remember the name at the moment.

3. To help with sleep Molly got a sample pack of Ambien CR. We'll see how much that helps.

4. The doctor recommended a 15-20% wedge to elevate her head and upper body at night, since lying flat seems to create some of the sleep issues.

It's apparent that we are dealing with symptom alleviation rather than fixes.  We are guessing this is what life will be like for Molly now.  We are still looking into second opinions and possible re-exploratory surgery, but nothing major will be happening until at least after the holidays.