Lots-o-Links 12.8.08

Banner_00017I got an email from my buddy, Marcus, at TheHighCalling.org and he told me one of my articles is now listed as a Best of 2008 article on their site.  Very cool. 

Brief Molly Update: Molly is spending the night awake tonight so she can have an EEG test in the morning. If you think of it, pray for her.  She is already exhausted and struggling the last few days with sleep.  She is sleeping longer but not better.  So tonight is going to be rough for her.

I've started to add music recommendations as well as poetry recommendations to my Amazon Store. Shop there and help the Reformissionary!

David Fitch discusses Dan Kimball and missional vs. attractional...and Tim Keller comments a couple of times.  Fun.

Jeremy Pryor is thinking about the centrality of the prayer meeting.

Ligon Duncan has some good thoughts on a gospel culture in the local church.

Justin Buzzard lists 20 books to read in your 20's.

John Piper on why God is not a megalomaniac in demanding to be worshipped.

Sam Storms is starting to list his recommended New Testament commentaries.  Right on so far in my estimation.

N500389893_989192_769 Joe Thorn tagged me in Facebook and said I'm this, uh, person.  If everyone on Facebook who even remotely likes me and who is Joe Thorn's Facebook friend would tag Joe Thorn in one random, funny, or odd place, I would be eternally grateful.