Lots-o-Links 12.30.08

Brief Molly Update: Mayo Clinic has turned Molly away.  Twenty minutes before leaving for my Dad's house for Christmas Molly received the letter saying that they turn down a lot of people and that Molly isn't a good candidate for an appointment.  Essentially they don't think they would find a solution to Molly's Chiari issues.  Maybe it's because they know Molly's surgeon is already a recognized expert and he would know more than they would. Dunno. We can appeal that decision by sending any info that may change their minds.  I don't know that we have anything like that.  Still looking into it, and other options.  Molly has been sleeping a lot better with her new sleep meds.  Glad for that.

Two quick prayer requests...

  • David Wayne (JollyBlogger) has colon cancer and is now home after surgery.
  • A good friend and pastor, Shawn Kemp (no, not that one), has to go 3 weeks without talking: "I have a cyst on my vocal cord. I have to go without talking for three weeks in an attempt to let it heal. If it doesn't heal, I will have to have surgery to remove it....there is a risk that it would leave me permanently hoarse."


Run to Amazon to download The 99 Most Essential Beethoven Masterpieces for $1.99.  World class orchestras and artists in this collection.  I'm listening to it now and it's wonderful.  C'mon, 2 bucks!  Go get it now because the SALE ENDS TODAY!

2009 is the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin, so decorate your church stage with tulips!  Or maybe make it a year of reading Calvin.  Here's a year through the Institutes reading guide.  The Reformation 21 guys are blogging through Calvin's Institutes in 2009 (You can request a reading schedule).  John Piper's new book John Calvin and His Passion for the Majesty of God is officially released tomorrow.  Piper's pastor's conference message on Calvin is also worth a listen (or re-listen).

I don't think I've linked to this yet (and it's late), but Tim Keller had a Christmas article in Christianity Today: "The Advent of Humility."

JD Greear:

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Barnabas Piper: 22 things I admire about my parents on their 40th anniversary

Tim Chester has a new book coming out - The Ordinary Hero: Living the Cross and Resurrection

Virtual church leader hangout at www.churchstaffbreakroom.com

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