Quick Update on Molly 10.16.08

Home from Molly's appointment.  It was about 9 hours of life for one appointment.  Wowwy.  No time to explain, so here's the dealio right quick.

Picked up the kids and headed out.  Stopped along the way to get some food.  Got to the University of Chicago Hospital on time.  Waiting room for 10 minutes, patient room for 1 1/2 hours (with 4 kids in there) before seeing Dr. Frim. 

Actually we saw a resident first, then Dr. Frim.  Lots of questions and a balance test, which Molly flunked big time.  Frim seemed a bit perplexed.  The three residents following his lead seemed bored, but they still laughed at my jokes so I think I made their night. :)

Dr. Frim thinks Molly is still struggling with some kind of chemical meningitis as a reaction to the foreign body (tube) he put in.  So yet another round of steroids is starting tomorrow and will last for the next 7 days.  Near the end of that other anti-inflammatories will begin. 

Dr. Frim changed Molly's nausea meds since that is a huge issue right now.  He feels quite sure it's directly tube related and will get better in the near future.  Also he is throwing a new insomnia medication at Molly hoping it will help her difficulty with sleep.  Her current one is helping a little, but not enough.  Still very tired.  Hope that will change now.  Of course Walgreens ran out (there's a sermon illustration there, don't miss it).  So I have to run to Wal-Mart in the morning to fill that prescription.

In the next couple of days we will be traveling to Madison, Wisconsin for another battery of MRI's.  Hopefully these will show if the spinal fluid flow is better, if there's swelling, etc.  Dr. Frim said Madison has good facilities there for the special MRI's Molly needs.  Wish we knew that last time around.  It will save a bunch of time and money to use Madison.  Plus Fuddruckers is on the way.  Woohoo! 

I asked Dr. Frim about what he thinks will happen at this point and he is still feeling that when some of the above issues are resolved a bit we will see improvement.  That remains to be seen, but let's pray to that end.  Because of the steroids we are still probably at least another couple of weeks away from knowing if the surgery was a success.  I'll update if/when something changes.

Thanks for the many encouraging notes on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.  Appreciate all of you and your prayers so much as we struggle through this stuff.  God is proving His faithfulness again and again to us.