Molly Update 10.27.08

DSC_00102007-07-09Molly had MRI's done Friday night at the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison.  From a patient/family point of view it was a spectacular hospital: new, beautiful, comfortable, peaceful.  It's slightly over 1 1/2 hours from our house with no traffic.  So future MRI's will be done in Madison, if at all possible.  We got there early hoping she would get in early, and she did.  We left about an hour earlier than expected.  When has that ever happened?  Plus, Fuddrucker's is on the way and we love the Fudd. 

Despite the good experience with external things, it was a miserable experience for Molly.  They had her head and neck positioned in ways that jacked her up big time.  She had to be taken by wheelchair out of the hospital.  Her nausea had finally started to subside a few days before we went to UW Hospital, but the MRI brought it back.  My Dad and Uncle came to town for several hours on Saturday and Molly was just all messed up.  "Jolts" and terrible balance issues were especially noticeable. She didn't go to church again on Sunday because of nausea and bad balance problems.  She is also having a little swelling near her incision...again.  We are guessing that's because of the  MRI as well. Hope it goes away quickly.

Molly's worst issue has been in thought processing and getting out her thoughts.  She will stop in mid-thought and just not be able to finish what she's trying to say.  It doesn't matter how simple it is.  At any given moment in speaking she will just stop and find saying the next word impossible.  It goes without saying that is very frustrating for her.

On the positive side her energy levels have been increasing and her nausea is subsiding again 3 days after the MRI.  She's up more during the day.  She's sleeping a little better at night, not just laying there wide awake.  But still not quite right on the sleeping front.

Today we UPS'd the MRI CD to Dr. Frim.  They should get it tomorrow and hopefully will look at it right away. More likely it will be by the end of the week.  I'll let you know when we know what he sees.  Please pray he will see nothing bad, OR that he would find keys to an Escalade in there.

I have to add one more thing, a teaser. In a couple of days I'm going to explain how some people have responded to Molly and our family in this ordeal.  Some amazing things have happened through our church and in our community.  Be looking for that.