Molly Update 10.14.08

DSC_00112007-08-07Sorry not to update you all more, but not much has changed.  Molly is laying down most of the day because sitting or standing makes her dizzy/nauseous. She doesn't seem to be getting better from the surgery, or at least she has hit a sticking point.  A few days ago we heard from the doctor and it seems that they are growing a bit more concerned with Molly's recovery...or lack of. 

Maybe one day soon Molly will wake up and feel much better, but as of today she has all her Chiari symptoms plus some symptoms the surgery, is not sleeping much (at one point slept 2 hours in 2 days), and is emotionally drained.

We assume we will be making a trip to the city this week for a meeting with Dr. Frim to try to figure out what's going on.  Should know today, we think.  It's going to be a miserable trip if Molly continues to feel nauseous even when stationary.  We may need a barf bag donation drive.

Needless to say we are growing more and more frustrated and concerned.  Last year was a breeze compared to this. We see no light at the end of the tunnel.  It feels like things won't get better.  But we also know every rose has its thorn (yeah, I just did that...though I really mean every thorn has its rose).  Honestly, God is really teaching us a lot through this stuff.  It's provided chances to teach our kids things that would be harder to grasp if it weren't for Molly's problems.  Their uncoached prayers have really encouraged us.  And we know that through all of this God is working good (Romans 8:28 has been a family devotion passage recently).

Thanks for your continued prayers.

I want to say one more thing.  Some folks at our local elementary school (Mary Endres) decided before the surgery to have a spaghetti dinner to help Molly and our family.  They are planning food for 300 people!  Molly has been very (!) active in our local elementary school since we moved to Woodstock.  And now all the work she has put in and the relationships she has made are resulting in a great blessing during a difficult time.  We love our local schools, teachers, and workers.  We are very thankful for them.