The Big 5: Books on Sin & Temptation

Forbidden FruitIt permeates your life.  You were born with it, live with it, and die because of it.  It's in your thoughts, words, and deeds.  You do it far more than you admit and you think others do it way more than you.  Even your humble admission of how much you do it makes you feel sinfully proud of your humility.  We need to learn more about it so we can kill it, avoid it, hate it, stomp on it, run from it, and rip it out.  So...

What are your Big 5 books on sin & temptation?

These can be books on the doctrine of sin, specific sins, overcoming temptation, etc.  In general these should be books about understanding and avoiding sin.  These books should not have forgiveness as its main focus, though it very well may play a role in the book.  Go!