Molly & Chiari Update 9.4.08

DSC_00362007-06-28Looks like Molly is in for another round of brain surgery. 

After a 2 3/4 hour rainy drive into Chicago Molly met with her neurosurgeon and found out that the MRI's showed no new problems and that the space the doctor created in the last surgery is still there.  So why is there a problem?  Through a different set of MRI's, the doctor noticed that very little spinal fluid flowing at the base of the brain near the brain stem (from the side view).  He believes that's because there is some scar tissue blocking the way and that she probably needs a stent (or stint), a tube inserted there to allow fluid to flow as needed.  It's what we have been assuming would happen since the symptoms restarted.

The doctor tried a spinal tap to measure the pressure since that could be causing spinal fluid flow issues as well.  Danny (5) was with her the whole time, even looking at the needle sticking out of her spine.  Awesome.  When the doctor found the fluid pressure to be normal he decided to lower the pressure a bit just to see if it might help.  So far, nothing.  Actually Molly is very uncomfortable right now.  If that stays the same Molly will likely be scheduled for surgery again soon.  We are emailing Dr. Frim's nurse on Monday with how Molly is doing and may know more then about a surgery date.

Maybe between now and Monday something will change, but we feel 98% sure surgery is coming soon.  How soon?  Dunno. I'll let you know.  Thank you so, so much for praying.  We appreciate it more than we can express.  For photos and a fairly complete "tick tock" of the day go to my Twitter page.