Molly Update 8.29.08

Mri_1Just got word from Molly's doctor that they have moved her appointment from September 18th to this coming Thursday (4th).  Since her neurosurgeon only has Thursday appointments, that basically means they got her in right away.  Very happy about that.  But that also means she needs her battery of MRI's done asap. 

So we are driving to the University of Chicago this afternoon for a 4pm MRI appointment.  Last 2 trips took 2 1/2 hours to get there (most of that is traffic delay).  Then Molly will undergo 2 hours worth of tests while the kids say "When is Mommy going to be done?"  She really suffers laying down for the MRI's and it usually has lingering effects for a day or two. 

Just trying to keep you all in the loop.  Thanks to all who have been praying.