The Big 5: Short Books

Tiny_book_largeI love short books.  Really love them.  I think too many times authors write "book-length" books because that's what you do.  But when I find a good short-and-to-the-point book I not only get something worth reading, but also giving away.  As a pastor, finding shorter books that are quick reads to give away is something I search out.  So...

What are your Big 5 short books/quick reads? (Please list exact # of pages)

I almost called this the books under 100 pages, but that's too narrow.  For example, Mahaney's Living the Cross Centered Life is about 150 pages.  But it also has small dimensions, so it would read like a wider & taller book at 100 pages or so.  Pick books that feel like quick reads, that you might give to someone who isn't a reader.  Get it?  Go!