Music Monday 7.21.08

I put off getting the new Coldplay until I really felt like I had to have it. X&Y just didn't work for me. But now that I have Viva la Vida and I'm really enjoying it.  How about you?  Do you like it?

A new She & Him video: "Why do you let me stay here?"

If you haven't heard the Avett Brothers sing "Murder in the City" yet, you need to. Here's the MP3. Pitchfork thinks there are some overlooked 2008 albums you should check out. Odds are some of them will be quite weird. But I know some of them are wonderful.

Can't remember if I put up this great Bon Iver video before. It doesn't embed correctly (too wide), so just go watch it

Radiohead continues to do weird 'n' wonderful things. Like in their new "House of Cards" video...