Music Monday 5.12.08

Avett_brothers_3Molly and I saw The Avett Brothers on Saturday night.  What an amazing show!  High energy.  We were bouncing and dancing and screaming and singing.  I was fortunate to have a voice on Sunday morning.  And though we were in Milwaukee for the concert we were still in bed by 12:30am, which is a typical time for me to get to sleep before preaching. 

If you don't know The Avett Brothers, shame on you.  Seriously.  I've worked hard to introduce them to you on this blog.  For all you who are slow to catch on, here...

Img_7220small By the way, the opening act was Jessica Lea Mayfield (MySpace).  Outstanding.  Blew us away.  (That was her in an above Avett video.) Her only recording is her White Lies EP that seems impossible to find apart from going to the concert or ordering from her website.  It's not on iTunes.  I picked it up at the concert.  Her stuff is alt/country, her recordings are very acoustic, her concert added a deep level of power and mystery.  Holy cow.  Also check out David Mayfield's stuff, Jessica's brother, who was her bassist and a fun stage presence.

This is the best video I could find of Jessica.  It's cluttered at the beginning with crap, but get through it and you will be rewarded.  By the way, this is the song from the second Avett video above.  They covered her song.

WARNING: Some unbaptistlike content to come.  Some of you won't like this.

Jessica sings a song called "Bible Days" which was outstanding in concert.  Here is a stripped down version and a pretty good recording.  I love when the world helps me know how they think.  Listening is such a great tool.