Vote for Me! Never more needed!!!

The SBC Voices blog madness game is over on Monday night and I'm losing.  Yes, losing.  Tom Ascol's blog has pulled into a solid lead.  You may know Tom as the guy who leads Founders Ministries.  I know him as a friend, and I would gladly lose to his site without a fight...normally.  But Tom has called me out, made fun of me and my best friend (no one makes fun of Joe's sports ignorance but me!), and it's time to show Tom the door.  GO VOTE NOW!

Here are a few reasons to vote for Reformissionary and not Tom Ascol...

1. Tom Ascol has bad hair, less hair. The Reformissionary has good hair, more hair. The difference
2. The $50 gift certificate to won't help Tom much because I don't think they carry many "Large Print" books for "older" eyes.
3. Tom decided to "reject my shot" through the magic of photoshop.  That was smart since that's the only way he could reject my shot. 
4. This is an ACTUAL PHOTO of my last one-on-one game with Tom.  Consider Tom posterized...