Vote2Please continue to VOTE for my blog.  I NEED your vote, if you haven't voted yet.  The Southern Seminary students seem to be rallying and trying to team up to beat this blog.  You, my wonderful readers, cannot let that happen.  You can, with two clicks, put this game away today. SO PLEASE GO VOTE!   

My campaign promises...

1. I promise that your vote for me will cause Joe Thorn to grow hair again.  A vote for me is a vote for a handsomer Thorn.  A very large promise indeed, but it's now the main thrust of my campaign.  (You can pretty much take this one as my "lie."  Every real campaign lies and this one is no different.  But it would be a beautiful thing, eh?)

2. As I said before, I promise to use the winnings, a $50 gift certificate, to buy Tim Keller books for skeptics and seekers in my neck of the woods.  This promise is slightly more realistic than the hair thing, and maybe even more significant.

3. I promise, if you vote for me, to put up a victory video that will shock the world.  Suggestions about what should be in the video can go in the comments of this post.  I will take them under advisement.  Email submissions are also acceptable, and will be sure to keep your great and funny ideas a secret. 

As one last incentive to get out the vote, please enjoy the official Reformissionary campaign song...