Strategy of the Neutral

As a couple trying to relate to neighbors and unchurched friends, we have found that even our home is not the first place to begin a relationship.  If we invite new people over, it is usually for a cookout in the back yard, not for a dinner inside our home.  The initial place is often a local restaurant that is neutral ground.  Our church is not neutral ground for the unchurched.  Planning evangelistic activities on campus creates and unnecessary barrier for many we are trying to reach.  Our strategy needs to include locations that are neutral, common, and natural to the unchurched.  We need to ask, "Where would the unchurched feel comfortable?"  Rather than our own comfort being primary, we need to apply the attitude of a servant and missionary and remove unnecessary barriers to sharing the message.

Ron Bennett, "Authentic Church-Based Evangelism in a Relational Age" in Telling the Truth, Ed. Don Carson.