Plans, Strategies & Fasting

A real quick post tonight to update on some blogging plans and church plans. 

I'm pastoring a church that is nearly 50 years old.  Some original members are still here.  And I just spent two months preaching about some really big changes that are going to start happening very soon.  I'm going to share those changes with you in a future post.  They are very significant and exciting.

One of the new things I'm working on is an evangelism strategy to reach out to our whole county.  It's something that I'm looking forward to explaining here when I get the chance. 

Because of those changes I have called our church to fast and pray on Wednesdays for the next 6 weeks.  We are fasting from dinner Tuesday to dinner Wednesday.  We are having a prayer meeting on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm and then breaking our fast together with a quick meal.  We are pumped to see what God does as we seek Him together.  Because I've been so sick I'm not going to fast from food tomorrow.  I'm fasting from my laptop/internet instead, starting after this post goes up.