Announcement for SWBTS Students

HelpSome of you remember when I posted about a part-time research position several weeks ago.  I received MANY responses, and passed them on to my buddy, Glenn Lucke, who is helping pastors get some research help.  Glenn emailed about more opportunities, and I told him I would put it out there for you.  Yeah, I'll feed you baby birds.  Glenn writes...

I will be at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on Thursday, March 27, from 10:30am-3pm.

Several Baptist pastors have recently signed on as clients and I’m looking for researchers who can assist them.

Broadly I’m looking for two different categories of researchers to fit these new clients.

Category 1: Acts 29 Network church
 The best candidates for these jobs are current SWBTS PhD and MDiv students who:

- love Jesus
- know the Bible
- consider yourself "missional"
- are Baptist & reformed in theology
- love the lost & enjoy thinking how culture intersects with Scripture
- excellent academic ability and transcript + professor references to prove it
- seminary education a must, first year must be already completed
- swims in popular culture, loves it, knows it, yet resists and critiques aspects of it

Category 2: Ed Young Jr. style church (Fellowship Church of Grapevine)
 The best candidates for these jobs are current SWBTS MDiv students who are gifted storytellers and illustrators, dialed-in to young pop culture, creative, gifted at relating Scriptural concepts to the lives of seekers and new Christians.

- responsible and hardworking, and you can furnish proof of this. No slackers.

Contact Glenn at Mention that you are contacting me because you saw this at Steve McCoy’s blog.