Tim Keller in Newsweek

Update: Anyone concerned about Keller the evolutionist (see last paragraph of the article below), please check out Ed Stetzer's blog where he makes public Tim Keller's response to the article with a few minor corrections.  Ahh, everyone can breathe again.

Keller_2 Tim Keller is in Newsweek and the article is online for your enjoyment: "The Smart Shepherd: A New York pastor who says he thinks too much wants to bring his Christian message to the world.  (via Stet)

Stetzer adds some response at his blog...

Last time I was in Manhattan I attended the church and spent some time with Tim on Monday. 

I was most impressed with how, well, non-"hip" the service was. (The giveaway was the note in the program reminding you to not applaud.)

The "band" was four men in suits who played wind instruments accompanied by an organ.

Yet, most of the crowd was young and engaged... a reminder that contemporary is not always contextual.