Spiritual Warfare Isn't Real

WarfareNo question about it.  After two of the most important Sundays of my life and in the life of our church, I have found myself without internet 98% of the time at the house.  Something is terribly wrong with our phone line and they can't figure it out yet.  So no phone or internet until they figure it out.  They promised last night to be here to fix it, now they are promising early today.  At this point they are giving us refunds on phone stuff until it's fixed, but I want the DSL not the money!

And you might say I should get off my duff and get out to a free wifi place.  Oh really!  Everyone in my house is sick, including me.  Fevers for three of the kids.  My youngest was the last well one and he woke up hurling last night.  The pharmacy is calling us for antibiotics since we have stockpiled most of it here.  I haven't felt right for two days and feel very achy today, as does my wife.  And even if I chose to get out of the house and go to Starbucks to get online, I cancelled my wifi there a couple of weeks ago and would have to pay.  Ugh.

I'm only writing this after my internet popped on for a minute, not even knowing when I press the "Post" button if it will work.  So if you are reading this somewhere near 9:46am central time on Thursday, consider this the moment you witnessed the victory of Jesus over the powers of the Devil.  Yes, laying hands on your laptop does work!