Pray for Union University & Jackson, TN

From my friend Scott Lamb...

Just got a call about my nephew, a freshman at Union University. Notsure if it was a tornado or severe wind, but he was in a dorm building that had its roof lifted off and some sheet rock walls fell on he and the other students. I haven't found any "official news" on the Jackson-area storms yet, but word on the ground is that there were funnels. As you probably know, Jackson is a magnet for such storms.

Please be in prayer for the students (Katie, David) parents who live away and are very concerned (Mohlers, Clays) and administration (Dockery, Thornbury, Kahler, Ellsworth, Van Neste, many other friends).

I have some good friends and acquaintances at Union including the Thornburys, Tim Ellsworth and family, Ray Van Neste and family, I just had an email exchange with musician Joe Garner last week, a handful of students, and more.  My wife and I are stopping to pray for Union and the Jackson area.  If you can find a minute, I ask you to as well.