Lots-o-Links 12.2.07

Ben Arment announces the White Board Sessions.  Love the idea.

Vote your top albums of the year at NPR's All Song Considered.  My top 30 (or so) are on the way soon.

With The Golden Compass releasing soon, the Christian demon-recognition email-forwarding machine is fully active.  Everyone seems freaked at the murder of God in the Philip Pullman's books.  My question is, Is Philip Pullman killing the Christian God, or is Philip Pullman killing a false view of God?  I think it's the latter, and is probably a god we would want to kill too.  Jeffrey Overstreet at CT writes head along those lines with "Fear Not the Compass."  Oh, and check out Carl Trueman's post on the matter.

Ain't No Party Like a Holy Ghost Party - Shavey and Resurgence interviews Sam Storms.

What Leaders Can Learn from Rob Bell: I'm convinced that Bell is one of the most engaging and important communicators of our time.  Regardless of what you think about his message or his theology, I think he knows how to engage with listeners better than most.  You can still pull 5 clips from his Everything is Spiritual tour on iTunes, or on the Everything is Spiritual site, or...

New Mission to Suburbia Links
-Cutting Edge Summer 2007 on Suburbia - Vinyard Church Planting (HT: Kevin Cawley in all his awesomeness)
-Suburban Spirituality by David Goetz
-Patio Man and the Sprawl People by David Brooks
-Bobos in Paradise by David Brooks
-God of the Latte: Faith in the Suburbs by Lauren Winner (on Hsu's The Suburban Christian and Goetz's Death by Suburb)
-Seeking God in the Suburbs (printable) - interview of Hsu and Goetz
-Religion in the 'Burbs by Agnieszka Tennant